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How do I choose an Exclusive Buyer's Agent?

Updated: Mar 24

Buying a property is likely to be one of the biggest purchases you will ever make, and appointing the right buyer's agent for the job is critical to a successful outcome. Make sure you get this first step right, by using this buyer's agent checklist.

Buyer's Agent Checklist

  • Licensed – Are they a fully licensed real estate agent in the State or jurisdiction in which they are purchasing?

  • Insured – Do they have current professional indemnity insurance of at least $2M in the aggregate?

  • Qualified – What are their qualifications?

  • Knowledgeable – Do they have specialised knowledge of the local area in which they are purchasing, the regional market, and property investment?

  • Experienced – What is their background and experience as a buyer’s agent, property owner or investor?

  • Capable – What examples can they give of recent purchases and how did they achieve the best outcome for their client?

  • Client-focused – Are they flexible and responsive to each individual client’s specific circumstances and needs?

  • Connected – Do they have good relationships with Sales agents, and a network of reliable contacts they can refer to?

  • Results-driven – What strategies, processes and resources do they use to support a successful purchase?

  • Reputable – Can they provide client testimonials or references for recent purchases?

  • Exclusive – Do they have any affiliations with or receive payments or benefits from any individual or organisations involved in property sales?

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